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Bee green


Helping to create a healthy environment, where you do not need to worry about smog or bad air while playing a game, enjoying nature around the court and far behind, is imbedded in the mission statement of Luxilon Industries.
Creating a healthy environment not only for our workers and neighbours, but for the total eco-system.



By selecting more than 1400 solar panels as our main energy supply - for most applications upto 100%- Luxilon Industries reduces the demand for fossil fuels and start to minimize the risks associated with conventional energy use and collection. Solar energy is a reliable, renewable non-polluting source of energy. It does not pollute water resources neither pollute the air by releasing harmful gases.


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Luxilon Industries approach on sustainable development goes further than reducing our carbon foot mark also the lifecycle of our products is taken into consideration. The use of greener and safer production methods is highly ranked in our innovation strategy. We also have an internal water circuit so that consumtion of water is extremely low. Wastage is separated and is very limited.



Also our 132.000 bees on the roof help to save the bees and in return they supply us with the unique LXN-Honey. Our third season with the bees has started.

Bees are endangered species. We try to save the bees. The bee has a very important role in our food chain. Without bees, there is no pollination and so no fruit and vegetables. We have the ideal environment for the bees. They find around 150 flowers per flight and fly 1 kilometer/0.63 mile in each direction to find food. In this way the bring 20 to 40 milligrams/0.0007 to 0.0014 oz per flight to the beehive.

We get  300 to 400 jars of honey per year containing 100 milliliter/3.38 ounces.

Bees serve our MEDICAL division: honey is the perfect cure for burn wounds as it is antibacterial.

Bees are also very SPORTY: they fly at speeds of upto 30 kilometers/18.75 miles per hour. The wings move upto 200 to 300 times per second.

Bees are also very TECHNICAL: it contains 15.000 sense organs on its head and they have 5 eyes each.

The bees have a yellow-black color. They are slim, are 1.5cm/0.63 inch long and very hairy. They live with 66.000 bees in one beehive. In one beehive you have 1 queen and many male bees and female bees. The queen lays upto 1500 eggs per day in spring, so more than 1 egg per minut. The females are the workers, bring the nectar and the pollen and make the hexagonal cells inside the beehive. They construct upto 7000 cells a day. All cells are identical in size.