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Thermoformable yarm


• Luxilon and Orfit, world leader in thermo-formable sheets for orthopaedics and cancer therapy, developed a new thermo-formable yarn.
• This yarn used on standard textile equipment as knitting, weaving or braiding machines.
• Orfit patented the use of this Thermoform in a textile structure.
• Registered product.
• The thermo-formable yarn is used by applying heat at 65°C for +/- 1 minute
• Textile structure formable in whatever shape required.
• During cooling down  the textiles gets stiffer and becomes a supporting structure.
• When the structure is heated again to 65°C, the structure  reshapable in another form.
• The heating can be done by e.g.  water bath, hair dryer, oven,…
• Relatively high shrinkage: twisted yarn to stabilize the final textile structure.
• Cooperation with twister :
Development of a  range of twisted yarns for different applications.
Basis of twisted yarns always one or more 150 micron thermo-formable yarns combined with other materials.
Choice of other materials depend on the application.
A few examples:
Thermoform + glass fibre or carbon fibre for composites
Thermoform + Kevlar® for protection clothing
Thermoform + PET or PA for orthopaedic use (structural bandages) or sport applications
• Benefits of textile structures compared to thermo-formable sheets:
Weight reduction (comfortable)
Porous structure (breathable)
Combination with other materials
Easier to handle on smaller objects (e.g. finger or toe splint).