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Due to the high demand of our customers Luxilon offers now also a range of custom made bio-degradable yarns.

Bio-degradable yarns can be sourced in different ways:

  • Bio-sourced materials like PLLA: derived from natural source like sougar kane
  • From non-renewable sources like PCL: derived from petrol but biodegradable
  • Co-polymerisation of bio-sourced and non-renewable origin: PCLA, a co-polymer of lactide and caprolactone.

Why would you chose bio-degradable materials?

  • If no long life time of your device is needed
  • Lower risk or rejection of the body
  • Avoiding multiple surgical operations
  • Stimulation of cell growth

Luxilon can produce your monofilaments in PLLA, PCL   or co-polymers of these materials. In Multifilament we offer PLLA. Other bio-materials available on request.