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Luxilon is very active in the development of new products and technologies. We are constantly improving our quality.

In the pipeline of Luxilon Medical R&D, we are working on anti-bacterial sutures, functionalized yarns for implants, new bio-degradable polymers, yarns for Scaffolds (stem cell therapy), etc. Other important research topics include the development of medical approved elastomeric yarns and the production of medical grade thick yarns for 3D printing (PCL, PLLA,…).

On the technology side, we developed a particular coating system where we can coat very precisely a thin layer (200 – 400nm) of material on the surface of a yarn. Our technology is very innovative as we have nearly no waste material (due to our innovative nozzle and recirculation system), work very precise and can handle multiple coating agents with different viscosities. We can coat and cure very fast at low temperature (<40°C) allowing us to handle thermo-sensitive materials like collagen. For this we use UV technology. For other less thermo-sensitive materials we can chose between IR or hot air curing.

We do also a lot of custom related R&D under protection of a NDA.

We have recently participated actively in 3 EU funded research projects for new medical products:

  1. Colcomp

A Matera+, EU funded project where we study the possibility to coat yarns with rh-collagen. The basic yarns tested are PA and PLLA. Partners involved are HUJ, Collplant and Centexbel

      2.  Green Nano Mesh

A FP7 project within NMP to develop a new generation of surgical mesh by using functionalized (coated yarns). The yarns used are made of PCL and coated with rh-collagen, b-collagen and a special type of chitosan.

More information can be found on: www.greennanomesh.com


     3.  ASCaffolds

A Eurotransbio EU funded project aiming to develop a stem cell enriched textile structure to treat injuries and chronical wounds like decubitus ulcers.                                                                                              

More information can be found on: www.etb-ascaffolds.uni-rostock.de

Luxilon is actively cooperating with innovating customer, R&D centers, polymer suppliers, technology providers and notified bodies.


In the pipeline of the LUXILON sports division we are extremely active. We are always looking for new techniques and new raw materials​.

Not only working on improvements and variations of our actual strings  like the ALU POWER 1.30mm and 1.30mm Rough or the thin guages ALU POWER 1.15mm. And escpecially our well-known gut is going to be available in 1.20mm.

We are also working on brandnew strings, just think about the strings we launched in 2019. The LXN Smart string is not only the first string developed under LXN lab group but it is a revolution regarding stringtension and playability. The LXN SMART string adapts to the way you play.