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Bee green

Helping to create a healthy environment, where you do need not to worry about smog or bad air while playing a game, enjoying nature around the court and far behind is imbedded in the mission statements of Luxilon Industries.
Creating a healthy environment not only for our workers and neighbors but for the total eco-system.

By selecting (more than 1600) solar panels as our main energy supply - upto 80%- Luxilon Industries reduces the demand for fossil fuels and start to minimize the risks associated with conventional energy use and collection. Solar energy is a reliable, renewable non-polluting source of energy. It does not pollute water resources neither pollute the air by releasing harmful gases.

Luxilon Industries approach on sustainable development goes further than reducing our carbon foot mark also the lifecycle of our products is taken into consideration. The use of greener and safer production methods is highly ranked in our innovation strategy.

Also our 120.000 bees on the roof help to save the bees (and in return they supply us with the unique LXN-Honey). Our third season with the bees starts now.


Bee Green

Here you can follow our energy production (luxilon/luxilon)