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1959 Leo Van Malderen founds Luxilon Industries & C° pvba, which has become one of the world's leading manufacturers in filament technology for aerospace, medical sutures, paper felts and many other specific technical fields and, last but not least, of high-tech strings for racquet sports.

1991 The second generation takes over and Leo's son Nico becomes General Manager. Luxilon Industries & C° is split into a company producing orthopaedical/medical fittings and Luxilon Industries NV producing high-tech filaments.

1997 A fire devastates the entire factory. Disaster! A new location had to be found, new machinery and new equipment had to be bought, from paperclips to fork-lift trucks. Only six weeks later the first order left the factory.

1999 Grand opening of a completely new factory. It comprises the latest equipment and technology. An investment of more than 6 million Euros.


2013 LUXILON has increased its turnover by 26% in the sports sector and by 80% in the medical sector.

2013 New products have been developped and patented, securing our future. A new tennis string, called 4G, has been launched. In the medical field, also new products have been launched, as well in monofilaments as multifilaments, to complete the range LUXILON can offer to its customers.

2014 New investments for a total value of almost one million Euros increase capacity and make it possible to set new standards in filament technology.

2014 Extra staff has been hired to increase the Quality and R&D program.

2016 A Business Development Manager Medical is hired.

2016 A new string is launched: ELEMENT

2016 A more than 1 million Euro investment has been done: a clean environment room is installed. We obtain the ISO13485.

2017 A new string is launched on the Miami Open together with Gustavo 'Guga' Kuerten 

2017 Grips and vibrationdampeners are launched 

2017 Natural gut is launched and several top 100 players are already playing with it

2018 Will be the year of ALU POWER !