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LUXILON has been working on developping strings since 1987. When it launched the BIG BANGER ORIGINAL in 1991 and the BIG BANGER ALU POWER in 1994, it was clear this string was different. Gustavo Kuerten won the French Open in 1997 and all the rest is history.

Pro players adore this string and now 71% of the ATPR TOP 100 and 52% of the WTAR play LUXILON tennis strings.

Roger Federer and 7 out of 10 ATPR TOP 10 players use LUXILON.

Serena Williams and 6 out of 10 WTAR TOP 10 players use LUXILON.

LUXILON is definetely the number 1 string on tour.

And you? When will you play LUXILON strings?


  • Tennis

    LUXILON strings are number 1 on tour. LUXILON has 5 string lines: LCP, BIG BANGER, 4G, ELEMENT and our latest already well known GUT.  LUXILON offers strings as well for allround players, for powerful players as for power/control players. It has a full range from 1.05mm upto 1.38mm. LUXILON has a string for every type of player.

    The strings have amazing advantages to other strings: the strings donot move once strung, they are very durable, the quality is extremely high and stable and the strings have unique playing characteristiscs.

    More info can be found on our international tennis-website or follow us on our LXN tennis you-tube channel where we will keep you informed about new strings and other important news.

    You can always visit our Belgian distributor webpage at www.luxilon.tennis

  • Badminton

    LUXILON has been doing R&D on badminton for several years now. 200 players, top coaches, top stringers and many other are helping to develop the LUXILON Badminton strings. The strings will not be launched yet.


  • Squash

    After many years of research, LUXILON will launch a squash string. The first string will be available from Q2 2018.

    Nicholas Muller, top 30 player, is already using this string as well as Nicol David,former number 1 and already a top 10 player for years, now number 6.