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Sterilux is a range of high technical monofilaments for surgical sutures. It is available in different polymer types: PA6, PA66, PET, BP (elastomeric Polyether-ester). On demand we also produce biopolymers (see product range Biomed).

We meet all quality requirements and follow strictly the EP/USP. Sterilux is available from USP 11/0 till USP 3.

Important physical parameters for Sterilux yarns are the roundness, tensile strength, knotstrength and the uniformity of the yarns. All these parameters are tested inline during production and in our laboratory. Sterilux yarns have no spin finish on the surface.
The yarns are delivered on spools (DIN 125 or DIN 160) and double packed. Each spool is identified with a label referring to production batch, production time / date and formula (raw materials). In this each spool can be traced and identified.

Sterilux is available in natural, blue, green and black (EU).