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Medical Introduction


Luxilon Medical manufactures all products itself in its plant in Belgium.

The specialty high-quality yarns meet requirements for multiple types of medical devices.

However note that Luxiilon Medical only produces a semi-finished product: the yarn. It does not produce a medical device.

We have ISO 13485 and can produce in a clean environment room.

The yarns suitable for medical use are divided in 5 categories depending on product type and application:

  1. Sterilux: monofilament yarns for surgical sutures
  2. Sterimed: monofilament yarns for textile based implants, like e.g. surgical mesh for hernia repair.
  3. Biomed: a range of yarns made from biodegradable polymers like PLLA, PCL,,…
  4. Other:
  • ThermoformLXN: thermoformable yarn for orthesis in cooperation with Orfit Industries NV
  • Luxicool: cooling yarn for sport and medical applications (bandages, burns, ….)
  • Radio-opaque yarns: make your yarn visible under RX